Equatorial Guinea insight


Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is a small country in West Africa, divided into two parts the mainland and the islands. This former Spanish colony, borders Cameroon & Gabon, and It is one the largest oil producing countries in Sub Sahara behind Angola and Nigeria

Few facts about Equatorial Guinea

Language– Both Spanish and French are official languages but most people speak native languages as their mother tongue, including Fang and Bubi.

Climate– Equatorial Guinea has tropical climate with one dry season that usually lasts from December to February. Temperatures remain constant throughout the year, averaging between 29-32 degrees Celsius. The wettest months are May and June.

Best time to visit– The dry months are between December and February to visit Equatorial Guinea.

AFCON 2015 will be held at Equatorial Guinea from the 17th January to the 8th February 2015 so you have the perfect excuse to visit the country. But before departing please note that a visa is needed for entry.


Attractions to explore between match schedules…

  • Malabo- The capital city is home to Spanish buildings leftover from colonial days. The Presidential palace is vast but off limits. There is a small biodiversity centre in Moka that is worth a visit. If you enjoy hiking, check out the Pico Malabo volcano.
  • Bata- The country’s largest city. It is situated on the mainland and it is a port city. Bata has decent hotels, a popular market and good nightclubs.
  • Monte Alen National Park- A protected wildlife park where you can enjoy tropical forest that are home to leopards, gorillas, forest elephants and many other animal species, birds and butterflies.
  • Beaches and Markets- One of the best ways to enjoy a day in any town, is to head for the local market, followed by the beaches like Luba and Mbini.

Its unfortunate some people think that Africa is one big country but FYI its not and there are no Ebola cases that have been reported in Equatorial Guinea.


Agency VisaRequest API: Greater convenience & Earn more



Every international flight leaving South Africa is probably carrying 100+ passengers that acquired a visa. When and how did they get these visas done? Visa applications can sometimes be a daunting task and we know that applicants or travel agencies don’t like going through this process…

Firstly, embassies are not the easiest places to get through to when looking for information. Either the phone doesn’t get picked up/emails don’t get responded to (Embassy staff are very ‘busy’ people to have time to answer such..) and all you need is just to know what the application process is and visa fees …

Travel consultants aren’t too keen to get their hands dirty with this part of travel arrangements because it can be a loooong!! process and visa requirements/rules do change without notice. Agents wouldn’t want to mislead their clients and be labeled incompetent. So what do we do about this??

On the desktop/browser of every travel consultant you will find:

1.The GDS application their agency uses to book flights either Amadeus or Galileo etc..

2. Hotel booking app or site bookmarked

3. The GSA communicator app for latest travel news and info etc..

4. Their own in house travel app to help manage client database and market travel destinations.

BUT WAIT…Before you can board a plane, to visit that awesome destination, stay in that 5 star hotel you booked and enjoy those picturesque scenes you see in the magazines…YOU NEED A VISA!

Where’s the visa assistance app or portal?? Where are the guys who tell you how much it costs to get to destination Z? How does the process work? and How long will it take?


Okay…Travel consultancies need a place where they can get this information…we created http://www.visarequest.co.za

Now…With a client breathing down their neck,consultants have no time to leave their portal/website & load visarequest to get info so what to do?? we create API to be put on agency website e.g.http://feesbus.wix.com/festus-feesbus#!visas/csff…DONE!!


Here you can now get price of the desired visa..YAY (a note of the application process will appear on API quote).. if happy with quote click apply to enter into VisaRequest client login and get your application forms and requirements checklist..YAY.. when requirements collected and application form filled..we can schedule courier to pick up documents, process and facilitate visa application for you, once Embassy makes decision we send back to client/ agency..YAY

Like we said in the beginning every international flight leaving South Africa is probably carrying 100+ passengers that acquired a visa. Here is a great opportunity to create a new revenue stream for a travel agency through commission earned from applications that originate from your websites …a bit more R for agency, more marketing budget, or even travel consultant performance incentives…now everybody is happy..YAY

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