The Forbidden Fruit:China



Planning on going for a vacation??! We think China is the country to visit this time around. China has a large number of wonderful tourist destinations including the delicate water towns, imposing imperial palaces, splendid national cultural heritage and colourful folk custom…just think of all those scenes you see in karate movies

Beijing, Xian and Shanghai are the three major cities that should be on your list when visiting China. No to mention:

the Great Wall of China (seen all the way from space!),

the Forbidden City (we all love forbidden things),

Summer Palace (South Africans love their summer) and

Temple of Heaven (we all want to go there)

These all depict the long and colourful history of Beijing….still wondering why we say China is the place to be??

Shanghai has become a worldwide metropolis in the last fifty years . From the Bund on the Huangpu River, you can see the city’s rapid development, demonstrated by the great changes on the two banks.

Xian is the shinning pearl on the Yellow River along which the ancient Chinese culture originated.

Winding through the eleven provinces and cities the Yangtze River is the longest river in China. A Yangtze River Cruise from Chongqing to Yichang will be an enjoyable holiday with endless green mountains.


Here is a tip or two

Check the weather- At any time of the year there are a lot of places where one can enjoy the ideal weather for travel but almost everywhere the weather is perfect all year around. To ensure your first trip to China doesn’t become a wind-beaten blowout or just a damp squib, get info on  what’s hot and not in the month you’re planning to travel. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to travel to China though.

When it comes to public transport- Rather not use taxis and planes but hop on buses and trains to experience and see how Chinese locals see the world. Yes, it’s easier to fly from one city to the other or take a taxi around once you there. China’s public transport systems are extensive and they get bigger and better every year.

In order to visit China you definitely need a visa.

It would be advisable to apply for a double or multiple entry visa as this allows you to exit from the Chinese mainland and re-enter just in case you decide to take a little detour. When travelling you can never be too sure…a few hours in Hong Kong maybe considered an exit from the Chinese mainland, so in order to return you must have a valid visa that enables you that entry.

NB!!!!!!  a single entry visa allows you into a country once and a double entry visa allows you entry twice. Once it has been issued to you and you exhaust your entry permissions you will have to apply for a new one.

For visa application assistance visit or 1131 Stanza Bopape Street, Hatfield, Pretoria.