We clearly explain the process and timelines of visa applications so that client can make an informed decision on whether they want to go ahead and engage with us. These processing days have clearly been thought out and based on our experiences with Embassies.

From the time an application leaves our offices for submission to Embassies, clients should appreciate that VisaRequest will have very limited control with regards to what happens to the application. And we advise clients not to pay for flights until they get their visa back because they may be unforeseen circumstances that may see the Embassy delaying in its processing days. 

“A client recently demanded us to have their passport withdrawn from embassy because according to them, the embassy had delayed to release it  (even though time frame was still within the stipulated processing days we advised)…we had advised that it would take 8 working days and on the 6th working day client called us demanding to have their passport back as they wanted to fly elsewhere that very day….we had to press the consulate to get the passport out but the implication is that the visa was not granted… but on VisaRequest’s end we had settled the non refundable visa fee of R3000+  and client had not paid us for this. We were nice enough to return passport and incur a loss of R3000!!”

We learnt this lesson well and shall not repeat it especially at the  expense of the impatience of client who was well advised

qvisainfo-candrc   We have circumstances were we may request Embassy to assist us in expediting visa by releasing it a day early but this is not something that is consistent as Embassies have their own processing guidelines and policies that may not be compromised.

If consulate say yes its a maybe-yes, and if they say no…its a NO! no matter how loud we shout or whether you are going to incur thousands in changing your flight…that is not their problem.

Just start your application with ample time to avoid disappointments


Visa’s are implemented to control the number of people that visit a country and to safe guard the security of that country by vetting those that visit it, so believe us Embassies take this very seriously and will not be forced to grant individuals visas by skipping some of their procedures.


As an application assistance firm we have no reason to delay in assist our clients. That is our reason for existence. To help applicants receive their visas FAST, EASY, HASSLE FREE.