We clearly explain the process and timelines of visa applications so that client can make an informed decision on whether they want to go ahead and engage with us. These processing days have clearly been thought out and based on our experiences with Embassies.

From the time an application leaves our offices for submission to Embassies, clients should appreciate that VisaRequest will have very limited control with regards to what happens to the application. And we advise clients not to pay for flights until they get their visa back because they may be unforeseen circumstances that may see the Embassy delaying in its processing days. 

“A client recently demanded us to have their passport withdrawn from embassy because according to them, the embassy had delayed to release it  (even though time frame was still within the stipulated processing days we advised)…we had advised that it would take 8 working days and on the 6th working day client called us demanding to have their passport back as they wanted to fly elsewhere that very day….we had to press the consulate to get the passport out but the implication is that the visa was not granted… but on VisaRequest’s end we had settled the non refundable visa fee of R3000+  and client had not paid us for this. We were nice enough to return passport and incur a loss of R3000!!”

We learnt this lesson well and shall not repeat it especially at the  expense of the impatience of client who was well advised

qvisainfo-candrc   We have circumstances were we may request Embassy to assist us in expediting visa by releasing it a day early but this is not something that is consistent as Embassies have their own processing guidelines and policies that may not be compromised.

If consulate say yes its a maybe-yes, and if they say no…its a NO! no matter how loud we shout or whether you are going to incur thousands in changing your flight…that is not their problem.

Just start your application with ample time to avoid disappointments


Visa’s are implemented to control the number of people that visit a country and to safe guard the security of that country by vetting those that visit it, so believe us Embassies take this very seriously and will not be forced to grant individuals visas by skipping some of their procedures.


As an application assistance firm we have no reason to delay in assist our clients. That is our reason for existence. To help applicants receive their visas FAST, EASY, HASSLE FREE.


The Forbidden Fruit:China



Planning on going for a vacation??! We think China is the country to visit this time around. China has a large number of wonderful tourist destinations including the delicate water towns, imposing imperial palaces, splendid national cultural heritage and colourful folk custom…just think of all those scenes you see in karate movies

Beijing, Xian and Shanghai are the three major cities that should be on your list when visiting China. No to mention:

the Great Wall of China (seen all the way from space!),

the Forbidden City (we all love forbidden things),

Summer Palace (South Africans love their summer) and

Temple of Heaven (we all want to go there)

These all depict the long and colourful history of Beijing….still wondering why we say China is the place to be??

Shanghai has become a worldwide metropolis in the last fifty years . From the Bund on the Huangpu River, you can see the city’s rapid development, demonstrated by the great changes on the two banks.

Xian is the shinning pearl on the Yellow River along which the ancient Chinese culture originated.

Winding through the eleven provinces and cities the Yangtze River is the longest river in China. A Yangtze River Cruise from Chongqing to Yichang will be an enjoyable holiday with endless green mountains.


Here is a tip or two

Check the weather- At any time of the year there are a lot of places where one can enjoy the ideal weather for travel but almost everywhere the weather is perfect all year around. To ensure your first trip to China doesn’t become a wind-beaten blowout or just a damp squib, get info on  what’s hot and not in the month you’re planning to travel. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to travel to China though.

When it comes to public transport- Rather not use taxis and planes but hop on buses and trains to experience and see how Chinese locals see the world. Yes, it’s easier to fly from one city to the other or take a taxi around once you there. China’s public transport systems are extensive and they get bigger and better every year.

In order to visit China you definitely need a visa.

It would be advisable to apply for a double or multiple entry visa as this allows you to exit from the Chinese mainland and re-enter just in case you decide to take a little detour. When travelling you can never be too sure…a few hours in Hong Kong maybe considered an exit from the Chinese mainland, so in order to return you must have a valid visa that enables you that entry.

NB!!!!!!  a single entry visa allows you into a country once and a double entry visa allows you entry twice. Once it has been issued to you and you exhaust your entry permissions you will have to apply for a new one.

For visa application assistance visit or 1131 Stanza Bopape Street, Hatfield, Pretoria.

Agency VisaRequest API: Greater convenience & Earn more



Every international flight leaving South Africa is probably carrying 100+ passengers that acquired a visa. When and how did they get these visas done? Visa applications can sometimes be a daunting task and we know that applicants or travel agencies don’t like going through this process…

Firstly, embassies are not the easiest places to get through to when looking for information. Either the phone doesn’t get picked up/emails don’t get responded to (Embassy staff are very ‘busy’ people to have time to answer such..) and all you need is just to know what the application process is and visa fees …

Travel consultants aren’t too keen to get their hands dirty with this part of travel arrangements because it can be a loooong!! process and visa requirements/rules do change without notice. Agents wouldn’t want to mislead their clients and be labeled incompetent. So what do we do about this??

On the desktop/browser of every travel consultant you will find:

1.The GDS application their agency uses to book flights either Amadeus or Galileo etc..

2. Hotel booking app or site bookmarked

3. The GSA communicator app for latest travel news and info etc..

4. Their own in house travel app to help manage client database and market travel destinations.

BUT WAIT…Before you can board a plane, to visit that awesome destination, stay in that 5 star hotel you booked and enjoy those picturesque scenes you see in the magazines…YOU NEED A VISA!

Where’s the visa assistance app or portal?? Where are the guys who tell you how much it costs to get to destination Z? How does the process work? and How long will it take?


Okay…Travel consultancies need a place where they can get this information…we created

Now…With a client breathing down their neck,consultants have no time to leave their portal/website & load visarequest to get info so what to do?? we create API to be put on agency website e.g.!visas/csff…DONE!!


Here you can now get price of the desired visa..YAY (a note of the application process will appear on API quote).. if happy with quote click apply to enter into VisaRequest client login and get your application forms and requirements checklist..YAY.. when requirements collected and application form filled..we can schedule courier to pick up documents, process and facilitate visa application for you, once Embassy makes decision we send back to client/ agency..YAY

Like we said in the beginning every international flight leaving South Africa is probably carrying 100+ passengers that acquired a visa. Here is a great opportunity to create a new revenue stream for a travel agency through commission earned from applications that originate from your websites …a bit more R for agency, more marketing budget, or even travel consultant performance incentives…now everybody is happy..YAY

Need more info on the API? email

New Website layout and system


wordpress pic

We have listened to input from our clients and designed a responsive website layout and system…so now applicants can view their travel destinations visa types, get visa fees quotes, view processes and get requirements all from your different types of devices, Desktops all the way down to your smartphones. The team at VisaRequest are firm believers in technology and how the visa application process should be just as simple and hassle-free as booking a flight ticket.

On the site, you can easily view the procedures that you go through at different embassies in South Africa through our Country Pages section-all you do is enter or select your destination country and click ‘Application Process’…this will send you to your destination country page where you will view the procedures involved and by selecting the closest major city between Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban and Capetown, we will tell you if VisaRequest can assist you and our service scope. You will also view the visa types we can assist with, get a quotation and go ahead to apply if you are satisfied or email quotation to yourself or others if you need to discuss with them first before making decision.

You can access forms and requirements at the click of a button on the relevant links. If you have a query you can just drop us an email through our contact us sections and we will respond to you question within 10 minutes to 12 hours (just in case you send it after office hours).

To keep you informed on whats going on in different embassies you will find the latest news on different countries in our news section. You will also find fellow ‘VisaRequestrians’ in our social media section, our consultants experiences in the blog section, and what other happy clients have to say about us.

Once you login we hope you will be impressed with how fluid the process is. You add your personal/contact details, Add new visa application, Add applicants and confirm your application.

We have four stages:

Application Stage

You have just logged on and created your visa application. This is where you have downloaded application form and requirements and are busy filling in and collecting other requirements. You can also schedule a courier and set a collection date when you have collected all the necessary information stated… or if you find it more convenient you can self deliver to our offices.

Requirements stage

VisaRequest has received your documentation and our consultants are verifying all requirements are in order. If certain requirements are not in order, our consultant will promptly send feedback emails with instruction on what needs to be done. Client can login in to view status of each requirement submitted whether confirmed or pending.

Processing stage

Once all requirements are confirmed the consultant moves application to processing where either the application is submitted to the respective Embassy or visa center or an appointment is set if the applicant needs to go in for interview or bio-metric data. The return date or appointment date&time is displayed on the clients login application stage page and is also communicated to client.

Return stage

As soon the passport is back from Embassy, you are notified and arrangements are made to return passport back to…provided you have settled your account with VisaRequest.

Your invoice will be emailed to you. You can also view and download your invoice when you login under the Return section of your application status or you can access it under the Accounts section.


Visa applications:What makes you want to rip your hair out??


In our daily experiences, people end up at the VisaRequest doorstep for different reasons. We just thought we should pick five out of the tons of reasons and share them with you:

1.The consular staff at Embassy do not speak English and application form is in Arabic!

2.Applicant needs assistance with filling in application form/requirements and embassy phones or VAC lines/emails are NEVER answered/ responded to.

3.Application for visa needs to be paid for online but the darn system the embassy is using isn’t accepting their credit card.

4.Embassy has already closed its doors to receiving applications…and its only 12 midday!

5.Applicant doesn’t want to go to embassy a million times and still be told that some requirement is wrong or missing with application….Applicant:“why did you wait for the third visit to tell me that bank statements should only be in English…you saw they were in Afrikaans the first time i came” Consular staff: “uh sorry, English only…next

Like i mentioned before,the reasons are too many to mention all…but bottom line is some of the stressful situations can be avoided. In most consulates you don’t have to submit in person and for Schengen states you only need to go in person once every ‘so many’ years to renew your bio metric data…then after that…you just use VisaRequest and their reliable drivers/courier service to process your visas whilst you carry on with your hectic schedule or sun bathing. Take our advice…Just avoid the visa application process headache. VM

visa linkedin

Please feel free to add some of your visa application headaches…