Visa applications:What makes you want to rip your hair out??


In our daily experiences, people end up at the VisaRequest doorstep for different reasons. We just thought we should pick five out of the tons of reasons and share them with you:

1.The consular staff at Embassy do not speak English and application form is in Arabic!

2.Applicant needs assistance with filling in application form/requirements and embassy phones or VAC lines/emails are NEVER answered/ responded to.

3.Application for visa needs to be paid for online but the darn system the embassy is using isn’t accepting their credit card.

4.Embassy has already closed its doors to receiving applications…and its only 12 midday!

5.Applicant doesn’t want to go to embassy a million times and still be told that some requirement is wrong or missing with application….Applicant:“why did you wait for the third visit to tell me that bank statements should only be in English…you saw they were in Afrikaans the first time i came” Consular staff: “uh sorry, English only…next

Like i mentioned before,the reasons are too many to mention all…but bottom line is some of the stressful situations can be avoided. In most consulates you don’t have to submit in person and for Schengen states you only need to go in person once every ‘so many’ years to renew your bio metric data…then after that…you just use VisaRequest and their reliable drivers/courier service to process your visas whilst you carry on with your hectic schedule or sun bathing. Take our advice…Just avoid the visa application process headache. VM

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Please feel free to add some of your visa application headaches…

Nobody really knows..


access point

We received an inquiry from one of our clients the other day. Lets call him Ken for privacy sake

As usual we successfully processed a DRC 6 months multiple entry visa for Ken that was issued out mid December 2013 and valid until June 2014

Unfortunately Ken was held up then only managed to travel to DR Congo this month – March which is about three months after the issuance of the visa.

Upon entry immigration officials told Ken that the visa is not valid any more due to the fact that he had entered 3 months after issue date of visa which was December 2013. He ended up paying $100 penalty as according to customs official, ‘the attached visa had expired.’

(According to DRC visa information provided it states that Validity:3 months from date of issue)

The Customs officials further told Ken that they would not be able to use this visa any more as according to them it had expired even though the stamp says it should be valid until June.

This sort of a situation can happen to anyone and when you are in it it’s hard to tell who’s wrong or right because as the traveler you feel out of your depth, when denied access over such a reason. Ken actually traveled one day before the ‘alleged 3 month validity expiry’ but because he desperately needed to enter this country he was rendered helpless and to some extent he may even have felt that this was just a corrupt official trying to get a few dollars out of him.Nobody really knows.

Unfortunately in this situation the visa sticker/stamp does not show this condition but more often than not other visas do highlight this….so next time you get a visa, thoroughly check it and even ask us about this condition if your initial travel plans change.VM

To be or not to be…denied



As a visa application assistance service provider one of the most daunting tasks is being able to read between the ‘application form’ lines and guaranteeing an applicant that their application shall be successful…this is basically sticking your neck out there for something that you have little control over. But yes! irregardless of the uncertainty that comes along with the business, we have been able to navigate in this ‘mine field’ service industry we operate in for the past seven years…we’ve seen it all, the good_the bad_ the ugly, thus they are no more surprises for us or our supporters_the clients.

This blog will be “bits and pieces” of insight into the background drama that happens to carry out fast, hassle free visas to you our beloved supporters. VM