Overstaying…is it really that bad?


Question: What happens if I overstay my welcome in a destination country?

Answer: DON’T YOU DARE!!!

This will only cause you headache in the future. It seems like it is not a problem because no one will hunt you down the second your visa expires. The problems will only start when you get to immigration desk when leaving.

Penalties vary between countries, and in some cases depending on how long you have overstayed your visa duration or type of visa you possess…. but you may likely be detained for a while, slapped with a fine or be banned from entering that country again for a set duration….In some instances the penalties may affect your inviting persons or the agent that will have assisted you in getting the visa

JUST DON’T RISK IT… This move definitely can increase the probability of being denied a return to your favorite destination (or any other country) or jeopardize you being able to visit your family and friends ever again…..,spending an extra few days illegally is not worth the risk of you never entering that country or any other country again.

…Imagine….a last minute request for you to attend a workshop in Australia has just sprung up at work and your visa application gets rejected because you overstayed your holiday in the UK 3 years ago….now your company loses out on you attending the workshop, Flight and accommodation cancellations…


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